Thomas L. Buck, Ph.D.

Digital Learning Projects and Websites:

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Major Areas of Interest:
  • Digital learning and instructional design:
    • Computer Information Systems & Analytics
    • Robotics & Augmented Reality (AR)
    • Distance Learning & Assessment
    • Serious Games & Ethics
  • East Asian history and culture:
    • Asian arts & cultural artifacts
    • Thought
    • Religion
    • Political Chronologie

Current Research Agenda
  • Digital Learning and Instructional Design: focusing on the developmental principles of educational psychology, game design, gender role theory, and assessment. Specifically, my research work is two-fold, web-based assessment tools and educational game design:

    My most recent publication, Learning in Cyber-space: A guide to Authentic Assessment Tools for web-based instruction, Third Edition, is designed to be a guide for online instructors, showing them how to access and effectively use current Authentic Assessment tools designed to help them reach their educational goals. These tools include alternative and preformance-based assessment; technology rubrics; rubric builders for web-based instruction; as well as electronic portfolios and graphic organizers.
    Learning in Cyber-space: A guide to Authentic Assessment Tools for web-based instruction

    In additon, I am currently working collaboratively with Dr. Richard Revoir on a Values and Ethics Game Simulation Initiative to design and incorporate serious games (simulations of real-world ethics situations and dilemmas) into our Management Ethics Course and Ethical Leadership Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). We have already made significant progress on this initiative.
    Our work has focused on:
    • Organizing sample game files and templates, hardware, software, and a list of individuals willing to help build and test our simulations;
    • Designing game development strategies and game criteria; and
    • Creating an online storage site for curriculum files and templates.
    The process of developing game content has begun, and we will continue integrating topics suggested collaboratively by St. Scholastica students, faculty, community leaders, and the Sandbulte Center for Ethical Leadership.

  • East Asian History and Culture: focusing on Japanese sword history, restoration and preservation.

    My most recent publication, Historic Japanese Swords and Fittings: A Collection of Restored and Translated 19th Century Manuscripts, In this work I present 81 digitally restored early to mid-nineteenth century manuscripts that cataloged both drawings and measurements of historically significant Japanese swords from the Ancient Period (before 794) to mid-Edo Period (until the 1780s). Beginning with an overview of of the evolution of Japanese samurai swords, this work also contains translations, descriptions and information about the then current locations of the listed swords and their previous owners. The book ends with a comprehensive glossary of sword terms and definitions.
    Learning in Cyber-space: A guide to Authentic Assessment Tools for web-based instruction
    In addition, my three previously published books The Art of Tsukamaki, Ancient Japanese Swords and Fittings, and, Across the Spectrum: Historical Trends in Japanese Lacquer-ware, are available both in hardcopy, as well as on Kindle in ebook formats. Ancient Japanese Swords and Fittings Across the Spectrum The Art of Tsukamaki
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